Our Services

Our Services
Rampage Book Promotions is here to help promote your book through the virtual world!  We are two experienced bloggers who will use our knowledge to help gain maximum exposure. We will work very closely with you to make your experience the best possible.
(We recommend that you contact us at least 3-4 weeks in advance to ensure we are able to get the most participants for your event)
(click the service to see the prices and details)

Blog Tours- 1 week =$30 -or- 2 week $45

Custom Teasers- 3 for $10

Book Covers- $25 for ebook, $25 for paperback

Editing and Synopsis Creation (see page for more information)

Terms & Conditions
1.      Payment is to be made through Paypal at the time of booking services.  You can expect to receive an invoice within 5 days upon agreement of services.
2.      Blog Tour Options include but are not limited to: Review and Promo Posts. Additional options provided by the author include: Music Playlist, Bonus Scenes, Deleted Scenes, Book Trailers, etc.
3.      We strongly encourage authors to participate in all events by visiting each stop and commenting, sharing and liking the blogs posts. This is a mutually beneficial relationship so any support you can provided to bloggers is appreciated. 
4.      Blogs sign up on a voluntary basis to participate in all events.  If a blog does not post on their scheduled day, Rampage Book Promotions will make every effort to contact the blog and coordinate posting. Rampage Book Promotions is not to be held responsible if a blog fails to post as scheduled.
5.      Giveaways:
·         Shipping and distribution of all prizes is the sole responsibility of the author. Rampage Book Promotions is in no way responsible for giveaways.
·         All giveaways will be set up by Rampage Book Promotions using Rafflecopter. Entry options will include: liking the authors Facebook page, adding the book to Goodreads TBR, following the authors twitter account and tweeting about the Giveaway. Additional entry options can be added at the author’s request. Tour wide giveaways will be at the authors request as well.
·         Rampage Book Promotions will pick all giveaway winners and provide the information to the author. It is the responsibility of the author to email and notify each winner of their prize.

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