Editing and Synopsis Creation

Editing & Synopsis Creation
We have joined forces with LTE Editing to bring you editing and synopsis creation
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Copy Editing:  $.005 per word (example 65, 000 words = $325.00)
·        An in-depth examination of your manuscript’s content from concept (storyline and character development) to stylistic (wording, grammar, flow) choices.
·        This includes consistency and continuity within the story, but also spelling, punctuation, grammar, word choice, timeline issues, sentence structure, verb tense, and clarity
·        Microsoft Word comments feature are used when questions regarding your writing/storyline occur and when appropriate
·        Honest critique based on what I read and what I think readers would like to read
·        Edits done through Track Changes in Word
·        Serious commitment to excellence
·        Quick turnaround times (depending upon word count and genre)
·        Read through book at least twice  

Proofreading/Light Editing:
 $.0025 per word (example 65,000 words = $162.50)
·        Basic edit: I will check your work for punctuation and misspellings, stylistic inconsistencies, and missing words.
·        Substantial changes will not be made to the manuscript, as this is similar to the final pass edit.
·        The last set of eyes before sending to the publisher.

  flat fee $50.00
·        Work together to create the perfect synopsis for the book jacket

Payments made through
 PayPal account using lteediting@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: LTE Editing requests a signed book copy once book is published.
 If it is only in ebook, they would like a finished product.   

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